Dear Parents,

In Judaism, the Bar Mitzvah marks a most significant stage in the life of a young man. As he grows older, he will constantly reflect on this momentous occasion as a major part of his maturing process. It is this turning point at which a mere boy is suddenly transformed into a young Jewish adult as he feels the pride of being a full fledged member of the Jewish community. He identifies with his essence in a strong and positive manner and realizes he is an integral part of our beautiful tradition and rich heritage.

The Bar Mitzvah celebration is faithful to the beauty and authenticity of Jewish tradition and will serve to inspire a young man to constantly recognize his privilege and responsibility to God, his fellow human beings and himself.


We believe that no two children are the same nor are any two families the same. We therefore strive to personalize this event to make it most meaningful, enjoyable and inspiring one for your family. We celebrate each child’s individual strengths by tailor-making each Bar Mitzvah to fit the unique needs of the child

Meaningful and Relevant

Our goal is to instill in each child the meaning and relevance behind what it is they are doing, so the experience is engaging and relevant to their lives in today’s modern world.

·Not just a ceremony, but about being Jewish

The Bar Mitzvah is much more than a ceremony, it is about who we are. Our focus is on experiencing the joy and depth of being Jewish. The ceremony is only one part of that. The training and preparation for the Bar Mitzvah reflects that as well. The child is taught the meaning of what it means to be Jewish and is given time to ask and reflect on his becoming a Bar Mitzvah with the Rabbis and teachers he studies with.

A wholesome experience

It is not just about the destination. The journey should be meaningful and enjoyable as well. We want your child to always remember his Bar-Mitzvah and the training that preceded it, as a joyous and memorable learning experience.

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